Alasdair McNeill

Alasdair McNeill graduated with a degree in painting from The Glasgow School of Art in 2002 and then studied in Bournemouth for an MA in Computer Animation.

Living and working in London as a Digital Artist in the film industry for the past thirteen years Alasdair has created digital paintings and composites for Wolfgang Petersen's Troy 2004, Ridley Scott's Kingdom of Heaven 2005 and Exodus 2014. Alasdair created Visual Effects for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 2005 and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 2007 and has recently completed work on Jon Favreau's animated adventure, The Jungle Book 2016, which is currently in cinemas. Alasdair is a figurative painter, always working in oil, his paintings are created in layers of paint, beeswax and gesso, sometimes becoming heavy as the compositions are blanketed out and reworked until a balanced and harmonious colour and composition is achieved. The focus is on how the figure is connected to the three dimensional space of the scene, influenced by the figurative work of Richard Deibenkorn and Giorgio De Chirico.