Christopher Nugent

Chris has been painting since graduating in 1987. His subject has varied but has predominantly been  the west of Scotland (atmospherics,weathered boats etc),and since 2010 urban cityscapes. His main subject initially has been his home town of Edinburgh but he is always open to new possibilities if he see potential in the skyline of other cities. A family holiday to Manhattan in 2015 led to a very productive  series on that city. Chris was massively inspired by the panoramic vistas,the scale,colour and energy of the place.

The Brooklyn Bridge piece was taken from photos he took from One World Observatory. From the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere you can literally see for miles. He painted three views from here but this is his favourite because of the range of architecture,colours,the inclusion of bridges over water and depth.

Times Square was inspired by neon signage,it is a more abstract piece and is painted in a fairly energetic way . Chris wanted to communicate a sense of dazzle/dazzle as this is literally what you see,it overwhelms the senses.There is a nod to American action painting in this piece as obviously while there he was visiting all the major art collections.

The large view of Downtown Manhattan was concerned with conveying a sense of monumentality, with the Empire State as the central iconic focal point. Chris used a limited colour palette for this as he wanted a different atmosphere while retaining a sense of vertigo.

The three land marks from the Rockefeller captures in landscape format that wide angled view.Again it is an iconic view celebrated in a slightly looser style.