Elena Guillaumin

Elena Guillaumin is a Russian born artist who splits her time between residing in France and Scotland. Her main studio is based in Edinburgh where she brings her artistic inspirations to life. Between the ages of 12 to 15 years, Elena attended a School of Art in Russia but finally oriented her professional life towards Business. After an interesting and successful career, her need for artistic expression, was being unmet. Hence, she enrolled at the Laoust Art Academy, PARIS, 2009-2012 under the direction of Hannah A. Laoust; artist, sculptor, painter and dancer. To this day, the course has been a unique and solid foundation which underpins both Elena’s inspiration and creativity and one which has accelerated her present position as an independent artist. Elena’s beautiful artworks are now in private collections in France, USA, UK, Italy and Spain and are in great demand by a growing UK and International clientele.

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