Harland Miller

Born in 1964 in Yorkshire, United Kingdom, Miller received both his BA and MA from the Chelsea College of Art in London, where he currently lives and works Harland Miller is a British artist and author who is best known for his large-scale, photo-realistic paintings, posters, and prints of vintage Penguin book covers. A critically acclaimed novelist as well as an influential painter, his practice explores the combination of image and text. The covers he paints often feature his own invented, sardonic titles combined with the iconic Penguin logo. His muted tones and painterly brushstrokes imbue his canvases with the worn character of a used book, yet often convey subversive sociopolitical critiques. Miller pointedly combines text and images to comment on the frequent disconnect between representation and reality. For one series of paintings, he transformed canvases into satirical Penguin book covers, inventing keenly witty titles—like The Me I Never Knew (2009)—to send up classical literary motifs. The (often torturous) process of writing itself is the subject of another series, in which Miller covers vintage typewriters with splashes of paint, giving the works titles like, Writing is easy—all you do is feed in a sheet of white A4 paper and stare at it till your forehead bleeds (2009).

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