Steve Kaufman

Steve Alan Kaufman (Dec 29, 1960 – Feb 12, 2010) was a true great American pop artist and former assistant to Andy Warhol, who gave Steve Kaufman the nickname “SAK” using the initials of Steve’s name.

Steve Kaufman in his day-to-day life embodied and delivered the true American pop art experience. He painted iconic people, historical figures, and products significant in our daily lives. He was an artistic journalist who commented on both history and current events with his art.

Steve Kaufman advanced the use of the silkscreen process, and was most widely recognized for his use of vivid colors and hand embellishment. Steve was very prolific — he would paint on just about anything!

Steve Kaufman had as big of a heart as he stood towering in height. He was an activist and a generous humanitarian. In all, Steve Kaufman aided more than 1,500 charities during his lifetime.

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