Alexander McKenzie

After initially attending Goldsmith Art College in London, he joined a community of artists for several years before going solo on a private path for his art, and only coming ‘up for air’ from time to time to exhibit his work.
Alexander was initially inspired by the Italian metaphysical still life painter Morandi and later became inured by the fantasy flavours of Chagall, the creamy impasto of Nicholas de Staehl, the innocent idiosyncrasy of Henri Rousseau and arriving latterly at a palette more reminiscent of the intensity of the Scottish Colourists.
Alexander is eclectic in his use of slushy oils, chalk, powdery pigment dappled with found paper pattern, leaves and dried flowers. His visceral approach can sometimes result in an almost 3D surface including glitter, palette knife sculpting of paint and iconic chalice-like images. His landscapes shimmer, stick and swashbuckle with energy and continually bring the eye back to an unquiet holiness of surface wrestling within surface.
About 10 years ago, Alexander moved to Scotland and completed his Masters in Fine Art where he decided to take a more definite and outward facing step in his art. This led him into the previously unchartered world of illustration and he went on to write and illustrate ‘Humbert Bear Likes to Doze’ an illustrated story designed to bring awareness to the work of Children’s Hospices. This was followed by a reframe of the creation story called ‘The Gabouters’ as well as a written and illustrated version of Homer’s classic ‘The Oddyssey’ and most recently as a retelling of Shakespeare’s Tempest called ‘The Tempest and the Teller’.
Since having been taken on by The Scottish Artists Gallery, Alexander is inspired to work on a series of distinctive mixed media landscapes based on his recent travels throughout the UK, Estonia and Tuscany.

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