Lynn Rodgie

Lynn Rodgie studied Art and Design at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen where she gained a BA Hons degree in Graphic Design. After graduating she worked for a number of years as a Graphic Designer in Glasgow before turning to painting professionally on a full time basis. The graphic design background shows through in her approach to her work which tends toward the stylised rather than completely representational.

Her very early years and childhood were influenced greatly by her father who was also an artist and she admits to growing up in a very artistic home and environment. She later became influenced by well known Scottish artists such as James Fullerton, John Bellany and Lin Pattulo.

Lynn’s work is often inspired by her immediate environment – namely the countryside which she claims gives her endless ideas. She is admired at home in Scotland and also in various locations in England where she has exhibited regularly. Her reputation is based on her use of vibrant colours and her work in oils across a variety of subjects such as country landscapes, seascapes, harbour scenes and more recently cityscapes and café street scenes, is outstanding.

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